1.5 grams of fine placer gold from the Animas River in Colorado. .25 troy oz silver button for size comparison.

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Prospector!

Not many people have what it takes to be a prospector, let alone know what it means to be one. A prospector will take drastic measures in search of gold, silver, gemstones, and other precious metals. They spend hours upon hours moving dirt and rocks in search for their treasure; not to mention spend large amounts of money on equipment and gas with no guarantee of making that money back. A lot of of people probably think we’re crazy but the risk is so worth the reward.  For me as a prospector, my treasure is gold. Beautiful, shiny, yellow GOLD!

I remember when my gold fever started like it was yesterday. I reluctantly purchased a bag of paydirt to see what the fuss was all about.  I panned it down in a large plastic tub in fear of losing any gold with my beginner panning skills. I got down to the last tablespoon of black sand and there it was. Nuggets, pickers and flakes of beautiful placer Gold! I’ve been hooked ever since. I moved on from paydirt and decided  to get out and find my own native gold.

This site is dedicated to gold prospecting and all that it has to offer.  Gold prospecting tips, adventures, equipment, and instructional blogs and videos are just the beginning of what you’ll find here at Rocky Mountain Prospector. There will also be a little bit on Rockhounding as well.

For all questions and inquires, don’t hesitate to email me at rockymountainprospector@gmail.com

May your pans be heavy and your hearts full!

-RMP Silva


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